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Gift ideas, or just fun things to look at!

Cool stuff

Everything from pacifiers to aircraft and helicopters for sale!

Selfie Stick

Extendable handheld selfie stick for iphone 4 5 5s, samsung S3 S4
Hair Traps

Disposable hair traps keep shower, tub and sink drains clog free!
Sumo Costume

Inflatable Sumo Costume with Battery Operated Fan!
Pillow Tie Neck Tie

Removable Inflatable Bladder
Prank Pack Nap Sack

The Nap Sack Sleep Hood let's you take a nap, anytime... anywhere!
Car Lashes

The Chrome Lashes provide the full, fun, and flirty CarLashes(tm) look! One set of long curved eyelashes you attach above your headlights to give your ride that SHINY one of a kind custom look!
Web Design for Babies

In this one-of-a-kind book, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript come to life to introduce basic code concepts to young children. With lift-the-flaps, bright colors, imaginative characters, and beautiful illustrations, children will be able to explore the interactive world of web design.

Toilet Seat Vinyl Sticker Sign Reminder for him.
Beach Scenic Window

A Fathead is the best in class wall decor available.
MP3 Waterproof Headphones
The versatile waterproof neckband MP3 player with 4 gigabytes of storage made to provide you with a unique listening experience.
Gold Deck of Cards

Bling. Bling. These shiny gold cards will dazzle your fellow players.
Digital PeepHole Viewer

The Brinno PeepHole Viewer uses an LCD panel to display who is at your door without alerting them to your presence.
Wallpaper Paint Roller

This Kit include 1 liquid wallpaper patented roller made of rubber and 1 iron decoration machine to put ink in.
Latest Aircraft for Sale
Affiliate Banner

Simply Aircraft is a website that helps owners sell their planes and helicopters for free.
Mustache Pacifier

There's a whole world full of rules out there... but not for you. You are your own man. Wear the 'stache that lets them know it.
Combination Lock

Locks up a bottle so that only the combination holder can reopen it.
LED Word Clock

Forget numbers, the LED Word Clock displays the time as text!
Pancake Pen

Write your name, draw a picture, or fill a pancake mold without the mess.
Glow In The Dark Paper

Now you'll always be able to find the toilet paper - even in the dark - with this new Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper. If you don't want to wake anyone up in your household at night by turning on the light, you can follow the glow of this groovy loo roll to your bathroom.
PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

Every dog should have a point of view. The Pet Peek window can easily make that possible. Dogs are curious; they want to know what's happening out there. Help satisfy their curiosity and make it possible for them to have a peek.
Rainbow Shower Head

Experience the fun of our LED Showerhead. This self powered (water pressure powered) LED Showerhead is constantly changing colors to provide a new shower experience for the entire family.
Wearable Sleeping Bags

Who says you have to get out of bed? The Selk'bag 4G Classic is perfect for people who feel restricted by traditional sleeping bags or for a cozy alternative to wrapping up in a blanket around camp.
Volkswagen Bus Camping Tent

Camping Tent. Color: Red. Size: Original VW Bully Van Size. Outside Measurements: 61" x 74" x 157". The tent can hold up to four adults and has 2 separate compartments on the inside separated by zippers.
Baby Crib Dribbler

Every baby wants to be left alone. Their young, developing minds, while constantly processing skills like balance, vision, coordination, and speech, are better served in a quiet, solitary environment. With the KindexTM Crib DribblerTM, baby will have the "alone time" she needs, while you enjoy some quiet time to yourself!
Rainbow Bell Pepper

Each color has its own distinctive flavor! Here's what you get--white, yellow, orange, red, lilac, purple, and chocolate!
BBQ Branding Iron

This fun and functional BBQ branding iron lets you brand outgoing messages on every piece of meat that leaves your grill.
Scholastic Root-Vue Farm

Durable unit with acrylic viewing window, built-in water basin and drainage reservoir, light shield that keeps plants growing but can be removed for viewing roots.
Japanese Kit Kat

Maccha Green Tea Bag!
Screen Protector for iPhone

Specially designed shock-damping layer.
Lip Tattoo

Passion Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo Wraps Includes 2 Applications - Gold Glitter.
Landmarks Sand Molds

Set Includes: Parthenon, Taj Mehal, Mayan Pyramid, and Coloseum!
FingerPrint A Handy Bookmark

Are your books all tatty with dog ears? Do you still lose your place when you nod off in the middle of a sentence? Just snap FingerPrint right around your book and point it to the last word you read.
Pancake Pen

Write your name, draw a picture, or fill a pancake mold without the mess.

GlobAround CoolStuff makes it easy to find cool and unique gift ideas. Don´t ever give a boring gift again. Take a look at this list of cool products. If you want a mustache pacifier, car lashes, mp3 waterproof headphones, BBQ branding iron, rainbow bell pepper or even an airplane or helicopter, this is the place to look .